Hiking Tour at Mtirala Natioanl Park

1 Day

Make your tour full of excitement!

Mtirala protected area is the most sediment place in Georgia, that’s where the name of the place comes from, Mtirala translates as ‘’Crying’’ in Georgian. With many different type of woods and animals, Mtirala is one of the top places for visitors when it comes to choosing the destination. The national park is also favorite family getaway, since you can organize nice outing around the area.

Departure: Batumi

Duration of the tour: 1 day

The tour includes:

  • Wild Kolkhian woods;
  • Picturesque lake and waterfall;
  • Zip line;
  • Cable road;
  • Picnic.

Recommendations: please, wear sporty outfit, grab a raincoat and comfortable footwear


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